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Adult Dating Apps

Meeting people is a difficult game that we all tend to get excited about, only to be let down on 99% of the occasions.  When it comes to adult dating sites and apps, I have spent more money than I care to tell you about.  I made this simple blog (don’t knock the design, I’m learning!) to help others avoid the mistakes I met when I set out for some casual romance.

I’m Michael, and I met my girlfriend, Lisa, online.   Collectively, we spent countless hours trying to meet quality people for relationships.  We’re both rather young and sexually active, and we actually ran into one another on a website geared towards adults who want to hook up.  Funny what this world has come to.  Neither of us in a million years saw ourselves on a hook up app and actually finding someone interesting!

Well, after 17 strong months, numerous laughs, and a lot of disbelief from friends we’ve referred to these types of sites, here we are.  Partners in crime spreading our story and sharing our news on the online hook up scene.  Please read on to find out more about our quirky meet-up and see how you can enjoy similar success using apps and websites like the ones we did.

Dating Online

Our goal is to help people from all walks of life be more successful in their quest to find romance.

Now, the most important thing you should know is that there are MANY types of hook up apps in 2018.  We will break them down into categories and share our thoughts on each type of dating, while focusing on the ones we have had actual success with.  What you won’t find here is a bunch of sugar-coated reviews pushing you to sites that won’t tickle your fancy, but what you will find is real, raw, rugged reviews based on our experiences coupled with a lot of information curated from around the web.

You’ll find the good, the bad, and the ugly about dating. 

The Online Dating Landscape in 2020

Things change quite often, and so does the online match making scene.  What you may know about it from years past may or may not have a bearing on what’s going on these days.

For starters, there are many sub-sections of dating.  (This is why we have so many app and site reviews published – there is no shortage of places online set up for introducing people.)

The most common type of dating I’m seeing these days are “swipe apps.”

Tinder and Bumble are the most popular.

Next, we have adult hook up apps.

This is where things get interesting.  You see, a lot of grown ups just want to have casual flings without the commitment level that other people want.

If you have ever looked for adult dating websites, you know how big of a hit and miss battle it can be.  We’re here to show you can no matter what your goals are (short term romance, long term casual encounter, just sex, etc) we have found sites with REAL users that actually have similar interests.  Keep reading below….

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What are Adult Dating Sites?

When most people think of online dating, they immediately think of sites like Match.com and other match making sites.

Problem is, those are looking for the fair tale ending, with a white picket fence and four perfect kids. As a divorcee’, I wasn’t about that life. I’m looking for for adult dating websites. Websites where I can find romantic, casual encounters, without the expectations that we are going to get married any time soon.

You are probably thinking this is sort of deviant, and perverted….but it’s human nature.

I’m a Three Year User of the Top Adult Hook Up Apps

Before I met Lisa, I was a 32 year old male who spent 7 years faithfully married, had one beautiful child, but in the end, my ex and I different visions for our future so we ended up parting ways fairly amicably. As a single man, with every other weekend free, my time to meet women, let alone have some time alone, is scarce. I tried just about every adult dating app, website, and gimmick out there. What I found is that you have to not only look for people you are attracted to and share mutual interests with, but also people who are “sexually confident” and unafraid to take chances. Many of the mainstream dating sites allow you to peruse several hundred profiles in the hopes of finding that one attractive, outgoing, fun, and frisky woman, but let’s face it, who has time to search through several hundred profiles?

The bar scene is what it is – a meat market of fighting to get drinks and maybe, just maybe strike up conversation with someoneDating for Horny People that you encounter there who is again, attractive, outgoing, fun, and frisky. But again, that’s not a guarantee, and you could spend quite a bit of time and money trying to find that someone to approach, only to find out when you introduce yourself she has a serious boyfriend and is just out with her friends!

The wold of sex dating, as I call it, is a niche of qualified people who are not only looking to meet other people, but who are also willing and ready to have discreet encounters with the right person. I’m not promising that every woman you send a message to will just reply back with some sexy message about how fast they want to come to your house and take off all her clothes, but what I will promise is that the general premise of these hook up sites for adults is that the people who join them understand this isn’t exactly eHarmony.

Why Should You Consider Joining an Adult Dating Site?

It’s always a letdown to meet a woman with a vibrant personality that you are genuinely attracted to, only to find out that she is just testing the waters and isn’t interested in anything more than just hanging out. With sex dating, you’ll see right away that women (and then men, of course) understand that the general consensus here is that getting laid is the end goal. If that’s not your goal, these highly discreet, safe, and private websites are NOT for you. There is nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of more casual dating websites out there you can join.

However, if being sexually active is what you seek, check out my list of the best places for adults to find sex online. In each of the adult dating reviews, I touch on my own personal experiences using these sites and web apps, and I even get down to the nitty gritty details of what went down, how it went down, and how you can have a similar experience.

My #1 Recommendation is Fling.com.

Another One I use is SnapSext.com.

Of course, there are websites for people who like to work out, websites dedicated to different religious views, and even apps that connect people in rural areas.

The landscape of hooking up in 2018 has entirely changed, and we’re here to bring you the latest information that you can use to your advantage.