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The Pro’s and Con’s of Dating a Muscular Woman

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Some guys are really into muscle chicks and they really like dating female bodybuilders. Other guys do not find these incredibly sexy musclebound women attractive. If you’re the type who likes to have flings with them, then you’ll definitely be interested in learning the pros and cons of dating these ladies.

With that in mind, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hooking up with musclebound women that can pump more iron than some of the strongest guys in the gym.

The Pros of Dating Muscular Women


  • Sexy bodies – one of the amazing things about dating women that work out is they always have an incredibly toned, fit, muscular, and sexy body. This is a given and if you’re into this type of woman, it’s also going to be an absolute turn on. This is a major positive that many men are seriously into. You’re going to love her tight arms, ripped abs, and soft hips and they are going to absolutely charge you up and rev your engine.
  • They actually get to eat good food – most ladies that barely step into a gym eat like a bird. You and your muscular friend are going to eat amazing food all the time because she isn’t worried about doing cardio and she isn’t counting calories. In fact, she’s going to eat McDonald’s every once in a while and even better food because she’s looking to pack on more muscular pounds.
  • The sex – you’re really going to have fun in the bedroom with hard bodied women. They are flexible, adventurous, and willing to try things that most other women tend to avoid. Plus, because she loves to work out she’s definitely going to last longer in the sack becomes she has oodles of stamina.

The Cons of Dating Muscular Women

  • Some look manly at times – unfortunately, some musclebound women work out much too hard, become way too ripped, and end up having many masculine features. This isn’t exactly what most guys are looking for, so it can be a real turnoff to want to hook up with a muscular chick only to find out that she has manly features.
  • She might be stronger than you – some guys have very fragile egos and they just cannot handle a woman who bench presses more than them. If this is you, then you might not want to date a strong and muscular woman if it’s going to hurt your feelings. But you’d also be an idiot to turn them down just because they make you feel like less of a man. Just deal with it and have fun.

I read a serial daters take on dating gym bound women. It was an interesting take, and I used a lot of his notes, to be totally candid with you.

It’s Up to You

As you can see, there are definitely pros and cons to dating muscular women. Only you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. You have to figure out which ones matter the most to you and which ones are going to be too hard for you to accept.

These pros and cons exist in any relationship. So weigh your options, consider everything we’ve shared with you today, and decide if you’d be willing to try dating muscular kickass women with serious sex appeal.

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