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Effects of Marijuana to Your Sex Life

Published December 25, 2018 in Sex Advice - 0 Comments

I’ve read a lot of articles about marijuana doing good things about your sex life. I want to share them with you since a lot of states and countries are legalizing the use of marijuana. Such legalization has created a lot of innovative products such as CBD eye cream, CBD skin care products, and even lube.

Common Misconceptions about Marijuana

According to Michael Eisenberg from Stanford University, people have a different opinion about marijuana solving sexual problems. People used to believe that marijuana diminishes the sexual function.  Previous studies also refuted that marijuana decreases the sperm count and even throw the menstrual cycle into disarray.

We summarized this source when speaking of what does marijuana do for your sex life.  Read the full article here.

Makes Orgasm Lasts Longer

Contrary to the previous beliefs stated above, there are already many testimonials about the positive effects of cannabis lubricant. According to these people, the cannabis lubricant extends the orgasm and that its tampons can help relieve menstrual cramps.

Of course, we can’t be sure that cannabis is the real reason of the products’ effectiveness because there are other ingredients mixed in. For example, cannabis lube includes other ingredients, like coconut oil. Can we ignore coconut oil as the ingredient that contributes the positive effects?

Increases Libido

Nobody can argue that marijuana is a relaxing substance. Medical marijuana is often advised to women who have low sex drives, anxiety, and those who can’t get an orgasm. Of course, there’s always that one individual who gets super high and will most likely be able to focus on the job at hand.

Improves Stamina

Another positive effect of marijuana on your sex life is stamina. According to a study of 60,000 people, those who used marijuana had more time in sex. Women and men who used it weekly had more sex than those who didn’t by a rate of 34% and 22%, respectively.

But take this result with a grain of salt because the data is self-reported and may not be fully credible.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I have a better mental state when I’m high. I gain a positive vision and weird things happen. My sexual drive increases and my passion to try new things become even more extreme. Perhaps, this is just an impulse that marijuana ignites in you or this is simply experimental. Whatever it is, I like it.

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