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The Basics of How to Date Older Women

Published January 28, 2015 in Dating Older Women - 0 Comments

Dating older women is a science in itself and not everyone is able to do it. Women are complex creatures and as they grow older it is even harder to understand them. A few key techniques come into play and they can help you to become successful at pleasing and dating an older woman reasonably well.

Cougar Dating

When a younger man dates an older woman, it’s referred to as “Cougar Dating.”


Older women have had their share of experience whether it is in physical relationships or purely emotional ones. This means that they may be hardened or sensitive and depending on the type of woman you are dating, you will have to bear this in mind. You will need to use all the experience you have to keep them satisfied and furthermore you will need to give them attention and love, much more perhaps then you would give to someone roughly your age.


Cougars or even regular older women looking to get back in the dating world once again are intrigued by confidence even if it is an act. Naturally, they will be able to tell if you are actually pretending to be self-assured but nevertheless it will leave a positive impact on them. Make sure you can back up your confidence with knowledge about books and current affairs. Women at a later age are rarely going to be interested in a doe-eyed boy who seems to know nothing about anything. Dress to kill and be sure you can carry out an impressive conversation as that is the first step towards the date leading anywhere.

Be Choosey

Never accept a blind date for example with an older woman. Older women come with their baggage allegedly and you never want to hurt anyone’s feelings unnecessarily. Make sure the older women you pursue appeals to your personally and has some traits which you find particularly impressive. This way there is more of a chance of it going somewhere and you will be able to derive more satisfaction from the encounter as well.

Look Beyond The Age Factor

While some men clearly have a fetish which makes them more inclined towards dating older women, make a point of getting to know the woman herself. As she gets older she becomes like a wine that has been aged and has hence increased in value. Appreciate all the things which make her special and more experienced and you may find you can have an understanding with her which perhaps you never had with women your age.

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